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Unease of doing business: Despite positive intent, business-friendly environment still a long way to go
  • Saket Shukla and Akshay Sachthey - 27-11-2019

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: EoDB rankings are primarily based on data in Mumbai and Delhi. This may not be representative of how business is done in other cities.

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India: Framework Harmonized For Resolution Of Stressed Assets
  • Sawant Singh and Aditya Bhargava - 08-11-2019

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) offers an array of mechanisms for dealing with stressed assets. At last count, these included corporate debt restructuring, strategic debt restructuring, the scheme for sustainable structuring of stressed assets, and joint lenders forums with corrective action plans.

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India: Wage Code - A Step In The Right Direction
  • Vaishnavi Eshwar and Sawant Singh - 22-08-2019

With over 40 central and state laws dealing in labour and employment aspects, it has been the need of the hour to compile and codify these laws. The Second National Commission on Labour (2002) had recommended that the existing labour laws should be classified into broader groups for easier compliance.

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India: Oriental Insurance Company v. Mahendra Construction
  • Arjun Bose and Srijata Majumdar - 26-06-2019

The Supreme Court by its judgment on 1 April 2019, has absolved insurance companies of the burden to follow up an inadequate disclosure of material facts by the Insured.

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India: Reliance Life Insurance Co Ltd & Anr v. Rekhaben Nareshbhai Rathod
  • Arjun Bose - 26-06-2019

The Supreme Court of India has once again reiterated one of the foundational principles of Insurance Law : non-disclosure of material information by an Insured at the time of entering into a contract of insurance would entitle a prudent Insurer to repudiate a claim made under the underlying policy on such ground.

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