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Explainer | Change in domicile status: Why startups are returning home
  • Sumit Sinha and Ashima Dewan - 17-05-2024

Our Partners Sumit Sinha and Ashima Dewan, jointly authored an article on “Change in domicile status: Why startups are returning home” published by Financial Express (India).

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Nuclear Power: Awaiting Its Turn!
  • Pallavi Bedi Ashita Bali - 15-05-2024

Our Partner, Pallavi Bedi and Principal Associate, Ashita Bali recently wrote an article on 'Nuclear Power: Awaiting Its Turn!'. In this article, published on Mondaq, they discuss the current scenario for nuclear power in India including the civil nuclear liability regime.

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Shipping 2024
  • Gautam Bhatikar , Deeksha and Isha Patil - 08-05-2024

“In the Chambers and Partners - Shipping 2024 Guide, our Partner Gautam Bhatikar, Associate Deeksha Dev Singh, and Associate Isha Patil examined the current trends and developments in India's Maritime and Shipping sector. This comprehensive guide spans over 35 jurisdictions, offering up-to-date insights into various aspects such as port state control, marine incidents and liability for owners, cargo disputes, maritime liens, ship detentions, passenger grievances, tax incentives for ship-owners, and the impact of environmental laws, trade embargoes, and global conflicts.”

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India: Supreme Court Exercises Curative Intervention – DMRC vs DAMEPL
  • Neha Naik and Deeksha Dev Singh - 25-04-2024

Supreme Court delves into uncharted territory - Judicial intervention of arbitral awards through curative petition. The Court emphasized the paramount importance of contractual terms, emphasizing the need for meticulous analysis. Our Partner Neha Naik, and Associate Deeksha Dev Singh, shared their analysis of this decision passed by the Supreme Court.

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A new climate for regulating financial risk
  • Sawant Singh and Aditya Bhargava - 03-04-2024

Partners Sawant Singh and Aditya Bhargava at Phoenix Legal, discuss the Reserve Bank of India's proposed disclosure framework on climate-related financial risks for regulated entities and its potential impact on promoting climate discipline in the financial sector.

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