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White-collar crimes
  • Zoeb Cutlerywala - 28-03-2024

We are delighted to share that the article “Withdrawal of Prosecution in the Alleged TRP Scam Case: End of the Malicious Witch Hunt Saga” written by our Partner, Zoeb Cutlerywala is featured and published in 5th Edition Vol.5 N°1 of Legal Industry Reviews, India.

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‘Clean Energy Initiatives in India’
  • Pallavi Bedi Ashita Bali - 04-03-2024

Our Partner Pallavi Bedi and Principal Associate Ashita Bali recently wrote an article on ‘Clean Energy Initiatives in India’. In this article, published by Legal Era - Legal Media Group, they discuss some of the major recent initiatives introduced by the Government of India to promote and enable the rapid deployment of clean energy.

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Public Procurement
  • Manjula Chawla, Kripi Kathuria, Chandni Chawla - 13-02-2024

Read the India Chapter for an incisive overview of laws and regulations relating to public procurement practices in India contributed by Manjula Chawla, Kripi Kathuria, and Chandni Chawla in The Legal 500: Public Procurement Country Comparative Guide.

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Supreme Court Settles The Dusts On Binding Nature Of An Arbitration Agreement On Consenting Non-signatories While Affirming The 'Group Of Companies' Doctrine.
  • Gautam Bhatikar , Neha Naik and Sanaea Laskari - 05-01-2024

“A recent judgement of the Supreme Court in the matter of Cox and Kings Limited vs. SAP India Private Limited and Others affirmed the group of companies’ doctrine while holding that an arbitration agreement can bind consenting non-signatories. Our team (Gautam Bhatikar, Neha Naik and Sanaea Laskari) shared their analysis of the decision passed by the five Judge Bench of the Supreme Court.”

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Consent Or No Consent - Action Will Speak - The 'Group Of Companies' Doctrine In View Of The Cox & Kings Verdict
  • Zoeb Cutlerywala and Deeksha Dev Singh - 22-12-2023

Consent Or No Consent - Action Will Speak - The 'Group Of Companies' Doctrine In View Of The Cox & Kings Verdict: Our Partner, Zoeb Cutlerywala and Trainee Associate, Deeksha Dev Singh examine, analyse and share their insights on the recent 5 Judge Bench of the Supreme Court judgement in Cox and Kings Ltd. v. SAP India Pvt. Ltd. and Anr.

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